At the end of 2009 Casey injured his back when he jumped from the cab of a pickup truck causing total paralysis of his rear legs. We took him to the vet and were given three options; surgery, steroids, and putting him down.

Putting him down was not an option as it was evident that he was not physically suffering, since he had no deep pain sensation from the middle of the back, to his rear toes. Surgery is radical and was out of reach financially. Our only option was steroids and time to heal.

The steroids made it a rough couple of weeks, when Casey wasn’t drinking he was peeing and he had no bladder or bowel control, so it was diapers and wet-naps. The poor guy had a terrible pee rash and was miserable. The steroids were having no noticeable effect, so they were stopped.

After about two months Casey’s bowel control returned, and he could now hold his pee, but we had to express his bladder. Unfortunately his rear legs were still limp, but he did not appear to be in pain. We purchased a wheelchair for a little over $400.00, and as we are now competing with them, all I will say is that we were disappointed by the weight and design of the cart, and so was Casey; he literally chewed his way out of the harness….that’s my boy!

Since the injury Casey has had many types of therapy, both professional and at home and is now walking at about 90%. Yea Casey!

I have worked in design and fabrication for over 20 years and have spent many hours researching and developing, what I believe to be a light weight and functional Dog wheelchair
We hope that by offering a low cost dog wheelchair that we can make some tough decisions a little easier for those whose dog is injured or just getting up in years.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.
Shane Burkholder and Team.